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Boilermakers Local 374

A Boilermaker erects and maintains various types of pressure vessels. These range from small boilers in schools and hospitals, to coal-fired boilers in power generation plants, to blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces in the steel industry, and the precipitators and scrubbers which clean the exhaust.

Boilermakers also work on tanks and pressurized containment vessels in industrial plants.

Members of Local 374 work in industrial construction, repair, and maintenance;  manufacturing; shipbuilding and marine repair; railroads; mining and quarrying; cement kilns; and related industries.

They are on the job in the mid-central Indiana/Illinois area on the Merom Hoosier Energy Generating Station and Indianapolis Power & Light sites at Martinsville and Harding Street, Indianapolis.

Boilermakers Local 374 is a statewide local with
1,200 members. Their hall is located in Hammond, IN with satellite offices in Dale and Terre Haute.


Zone 1: Assistant Business Managers
Jason Struzik, Bill Wasko and Brad Sievers
6333 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, IN 46323
Phone 219-845-1000 / Fax 219-845-1065


Zone 2: Assistant Business Manager
Dave Willis -
799 W. Johnson Drive Terre Haute, IN 47802
Phone 812-917-4102 / Fax 812-917-4084

Zone 3: Assistant Business Managers
Tim Brumfield and Pete Merkel
4777 E CR 2100 N Dale, IN 47523
Phone 812-937-9720 / Fax 812-937-9722

Contact: Dan Sullivan - Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer /

Contact: Dan Sulivan - Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer /

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Boilermakers Apprentice Program

Welding, burning, heavy and high rigging, and layout work are the most important skills a Boilermaker apprentice learns. Members work primarily in plants that are considered heavy industry-steel mills, power generation plants for utilities, chemical plants, refineries, and mills.

These plants can pose dangerous working conditions, so safety training is constantly taught and reviewed by the Union, the contractor, and the owner. This alliance has proved very successful in minimizing lost time accidents.

Boilermakers #374 started their apprenticeship program in 1968 and it has grown to over 250 apprentices currently enrolled in the four-year program. Apprentices must complete a minimum of 640 hours of in-class and shop training and 6,000 job site hours.

The Boilermakers are dedicated to providing expertise to
companies and owners. Training centers are located in Dale and Hammond, IN. 

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