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In the last decade, West Central Indiana has enjoyed a building and renovation boom. Construction is one of the major factors driving the Wabash Valley economy.

UNION building trades journeymen have helped transform Terre Haute with new construction, restoration of historic buildings, upgrade of wastewater treatment, and revitalization projects focused on downtown.

UNION work has built new and improved roads and infrastructure to move and serve the public in faster and safer ways. 

Power-generating plants serving millions of customers are built and maintained by UNION craftsmen. The 3,500 members of the Central Wabash Valley Building and Construction Trades Council perform over five million man hours of work a year for wages and benefits worth over $230 million. The economic spin off has huge effects in the community at large.

Terre Haute has a rich UNION history dating back to the last century, and the Central Wabash Valley Building and Construction Trades Council continues UNION strong and proud today.


Vigo County has been a busy road construction site and there is more to come. UNION labor drives this progress.

After 13 years, the entire Indiana 641 bypass is open for traffic.

The 6.2-mile, four-lane, limited-access bypass, as it connects to Indiana 46 and extends onto Interstate 70, includes three new interchanges and improvements to another.

In the next five years, Indiana will spend more than $30.5 million in road and bridge improvements in Vigo County including 151 land miles resurfaced and 12 bridges rehabilitated or replaced between 2018 and 2022.

Indiana State University

The Indiana State University “Pathway to Success” strategic plan continues to move forward thanks in part to the skill of UNION building and construction trades.

Work on the Terre Haute campus created an estimated 585 construction jobs including the $64 million addition/renovation of the College of Health and Human Services and the $20.5 million renovation of Rhoads Hall.

The $20.5 million renovation of Rhoads Hall is the fourth and final phase of the Sycamore Towers project. Four residence halls - Blumberg, Cromwell, Mills, and Rhoads - were totally gutted and renovated. Air conditioning was also added.



Central Indiana has a diverse mix of power generation plants providing energy for millions of customers across the region.

From installing multi-ton parts to adjusting millimeter tolerances, these facilities are built and maintained by UNION construction. Skilled craftsmen trained in comprehensive apprentice programs give contractors a reliable, productive, and professional workforce that can improve efficiency and capitalize on new technology.

• Cayuga Duke Energy Generating Station
• Martinsville Eagle Valley Power Plant
• Edwardsport Duke Energy Power Plant
• Marathon Refinery, Robinson, IL
• Merom Hoosier Energy Generating Station
• Sugar Creek Generating Station
• Dynegy Power Station, Newton, IL
• Wabash Duke Energy Generating Station
• Wheatland Duke Energy Peaking Station



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